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Hello, my name is Carly Cheeseman and I am a professionally qualified massage, eyelash and nail therpist. Offering a mobile service.



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All of us have been affected by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.


I have missed being able to offer you the treatments that I know you love, and I am looking forward to seeing you again as soon as possible.


My priority is to keeo you as safe as possible, and prior to starting up again I have implemented a number of changes which I would like to make you aware of.  During the time I haven't been able to provde treatments, I have completed the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Infection Prevention and Control course which is accredited by the Guild of Professional Beauty Therapists Ltd, the UK trade body for the industry.  I have since made a number of changes in the way that I operate that you will notice when I visit.


Booking Appointment

If I feel ill or have any symtoms of COVID-19, I will self isolate immediately and not come into the salon,  This may mean I have to cancel your appointment at short notice.  I apprevite that this may be inconvenient but done enitely for youw own safety.  If your appointment is cancelled you will be able to re-book again.


If you or any of the people you live with feel ill or display symptoms of COVID-19 - please advise me as soon as possible. You will NOT be charged for a late cancellation in this instance.


Your Appointment


All tools and equipment are disinfected or sterilsed in line with the specicid manufacturers' instrcution for your safety.


Wherever possonle I will utilise environmentally friendly, single use items udring your treatment that will be disposed of safetly after use in order to protect you from cross infection.


Please can I have access to soap and hot water upon my arrival to your appointment.  I will aslo have hand sanitiser with me.


I will completely understand and not be offended if you wish to weat a facemask or disposable glvoes when I arrive for your appointment and during your treatment should you wish.


Please don't be surprised or upset if I use personal protective equipment (PPE) during my visit and during your appointment.


I confirm that the laundering of my towels and uniform is a priority and can assure you that all laundry is washed at 60 degrees C.  However if you feel more comfortable you can use your own towels, of which 3 would be necesarry.


All disposable items are bagged and safely removed after your appointment.


My treatments


I have carried out a risk assessment on all treatments and I am confident that i can continue to provide these safely.


During your treatment


I understand the importance of hand hygience and I will ensure that I wash my hands according with NHS recommendatuon before the start of your treatment.


I will make your treatment as safe, comfortale and enjoyable as possinle.  If you have any concerns about your treatment please let me know.


After the treatment


Payments can be made by bank transfer, by card and I will still be taking cash.


All of these procedures have been implemented for your safety and mine.  I will continue to take advice from the Goverment and the NHS regarding safe praticce and will amend as necessary.


Thank you for your understanding.


Carly xx


7 May 2020




Coronavirus COVID-19

Infection Prevention & Control Policy